1. HOLY GHOST JUNIORATE, Ihiala Our Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday 14th of July 2018
  2. The Student's Examination will begin July 3rd and last untill July 12th
  3. The Students of Holy Ghost Juniorate will write their Mathematics exam on Monday 16th of July after which they will go for their holidays
  4. The new students who are to enter into Holy Ghost Juniorate will start their first term on Friday 7th of September
  5. The old students will return 15th of September 2018
  6. The seminary will begin their retreat 16th of September 2018 and it will last untill 23rd of September 2018
  7. Holy Ghost Juniorate will begin their academic session on Monday 24th of September 2018


  • Concerning your child's welfare, family matter's, health issues, inter-personal matters, Please contact Rector's office: 2347039741995.
  • Enquiries about admission into HOLY GHOST JUNIORATE, Ihiala other administratives info and fees, Please contact Secretary office: 2348061315593.
  • Enquiries about school fees and all other financial info
    Please contact the Bursars Office
  • Enquiries about academics or any other information about the students education
    Please contact the Dean of Studies

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